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Michael Friedl Shihan, Kimberly Richardson Sensei, Craig Fife Sensei

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fade-leftfade-rightHere's What Attendees Say About Aiki Summer Retreat 2015

The training was most excellent! Loved every minute! I loved the surrounding woods. A real highlight for me was learning from the female instructors. They were particularly fantastic. All the training was amazing.

Asha Cheval

I enjoyed camp very much. It was better than I had expected and exactly what I needed to grow my Aikido. These were nice people with high level of understanding of the art.

Stephen Edwards

My favorite things about the Retreat are the high quality of the people and training.

David Floeter

Friendship, Camaraderie. Community building was happening everywhere without efforts. I had a great time.

Erik Haag

The camaraderie of a great group of people made the Retreat a wonderful experience.

Zara Haimo

The camaraderie and the training were fantastic. What a total blast and honor to be part of it.

Jeramy Hale

I especially enjoyed the mentoring approach to teaching. Two things -- inseparable, really -- that made the Retreat so good: the training and the camaraderie/friendship.

Chuck Hauk Sensei

I truly adore the week long, total immersion aspect of this camp. There are so few opportunities to live together, train together, eat together, dance together, be silly together ... a true delight.

Molly Hale

Being at the Retreat made me want to train even more. And I loved the location and campus.

Travis Hedwig

My favorite things about the Retreat are the training and connecting with new aikido friends.

Brian Hendrickson

The respectful group of teachers created such a respectful place to train. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over training in aikido. It was so energizing to immerse myself in the broader community of aikido for this week. It informed and transformed my aikido.

Elizabeth Jannasch

I really appreciated the positive feeling and attitude of the participants and instructors.

Rick Klein

I loved the camaraderie and the variety of teachers. The Retreat was fabulous.

Kate Nehrbass

I had a wonderful time sharing practice and cultivating relationships across formal affiliations. Looking forward to next time!

Susan Newton

Here's what I really enjoyed about the Retreat: The people, learning aikido, becoming a better person, the kindness of my training partners, and the community.

Cindy Zuelsdorf

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