Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 1

I have been wanting to do an aikido stories podcast for a long time. Now, it’s time. The podcast will be simple — just aikido stories. We’ll have all sorts of aikido stories, self-defense, training, unraveling bad situations. And the stories will be from all sorts of folks, not just senior instructors — though we’ll have those. 🙂

In this first episode, I share with you an incident that happened in the 1970s when I was a trumpet player in the college marching band. Some guy, flanked by his friends, thought it would be a good idea to pick on me. Aikido excitement ensues. Don’t worry, no bullies were harmed in the creation of this story.

If you have a story you want to share, just send me an email or call and leave information about your story. If I feel like your story would be a good fit, I’ll contact you. Call me at (530) 273-2727.

Enjoy. Please share the podcast and leave your comments below.


  1. Love the idea of this podcast. I have enjoyed listening to the first one and have subscribed. I look forward to future episodes.

  2. Ferrell Stofle says:

    Very entertaining story. Note to the likes of bullies: It’s a universal truth: Don’t ever mess with band members.

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