Fundraiser Success!

Aikido'Ka LogoThanks to our amazing community, we met our fundraising goals!

I set our original goal at $5,000, knowing that that amount would really help with paying for our new mats, floating floor and storage container. But I had forgotten that we only get 92% of the amount donated.

So, I let everyone know that for us to actually get $5,000, we had to raise $5,435. And we did it! We raised exactly $5,435. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

We successfully completed the fundraiser. While the fundraising page still exists, I have turned off the donations.

I will keep you posted about how the installation goes, with pictures and everything. 🙂

It’s our goal to have everything completed for Chuck Hauk and Daryl Berlie Senseis seminar December 9 – 11. Gabriel Cuppet will be doing his shodan test Saturday morning (December 10). Click here to join us (or just learn more) and enjoy the new mat and floating floor.

On Making Things Better

It’s hard to fathom how the country went so wrong with yesterday’s election. I can’t say that things won’t be as bad as we fear. I’m afraid that they’ll be worse. So many, many people are going to suffer badly.

Our task is to figure out how to thrive given the circumstances.

One of mNkosi Johnson Sayingy favorite sayings is . . . “The best revenge is living well.”

That’s what I think we should do. Let’s not pretend that something horrible hasn’t happened. It has. But we should enjoy ourselves and our loved ones. We should work to create a better, happier world. We should work to increase well-being. What other people do certainly affects us, but they’re going to do what they’re going to do. And we can live well.

Which brings me to how we can do this. And, for that, I turn to Nkosi Johnson:

“Do all you can, with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are.”

That’s how we can make things better. Or, at least, that’s what I’m doing to increase well-being:

I’m going to do everything I can with what I have, in the time that I have, where I am.

Re-starting now.

Way more to come.

Our New Mat Fundraiser is Live!

As you probably know, we’ve had a lot going on this year.

I am, along with Michael Freidl Shihan, co-host of the Aiki Summer Retreat. The last few years, we’ve held the Aiki Summer Retreat in Quincy, California. Until this year, we’ve been spending thousands of dollars each Retreat on renting mats. So we decided to buy our own mats. We were fortunate enough to buy mats with our friends at Aikido of Santa Cruz. The mats we bought cost our dojo around $5,000.

Dojo Storage Container

Our New Storage Container

Since we don’t have enough space to safely store all of the mats in the dojo, we bought a storage container. That storage container cost around $3,200.

We plan on using some of these new mats to create a new, beautiful dojo mat with a floating floor. The new floating floor will be much gentler on everyone’s body and make training easier and more fun.

Problem is that the floating floor is probably going to cost another $3,000, or so. In other words, this new mat process is costing the dojo over $11,000.

And, we’ve kind of run out of money.

So, I’m heeding the advice of my friends and we’re doing a dojo fundraiser. We’re looking to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of the new floating floor and recoup some of the other expenses.

We really could use your help!

For more information and to donate to our new mat fundraiser, please click here.



Black Belt Class is Friday, 10/14

Aikido'Ka Black Belt Class graphicOur Black Belt class is Friday, October 14 at 6:30 pm.

Molly Hale is teaching.

This class is for black belts and 1st kyus only.

No Youth Classes Today

Hi Everyone,

We’re not having any youth classes today, Monday, 10/3, because I’m going to the airport to pick up my wife. We’ll be having the adult aikido class.plane-large

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Frank Sensei

Congratulations Laszlo!

Laszlo Nemes - 4th Kyu

Laszlo Nemes – 4th Kyu

At our last testing, on September 27, Laszlo Nemes earned his 4th Kyu. Laszlo is an integral member of our dojo. He’s always fun to train with and open to learning. Despite his love for terrible puns, I understand that Laszlo has a good sense of humor. 🙂

Keep up the great training!

October 2016 Testing and Prep. Dates

Ian will be demonstrating for his first kyu on May 16, 2015.

Ian having fun not long before his 1st kyu test.

Here are the dates for our special events, including testing and test preparation dates (these dates/times do not affect our regular schedule) for October:

Tuesday, 4 — Test Prep. Day

Monday, 10 — Adult Beginner Seminar (8th Kyu – 5th Kyu) @ 5:30 pm, Youth Ranks: 8th, 7th, and 6th Kyu Seminar @ 3:30pm and 4:15pm

Tuesday, 11 — Adult Intermediate Seminar (4th and 3rd Kyu) @ 5:30pm Youth Ranks: 7th, 6th, & 5th Kyu Seminar @ 3:30pm and 4:15pm, Shodan Ho Seminar @ 7:00pm

Wednesday, 12 — Adult Advanced Seminar (2nd & 1st Kyu) @ 12pm and 7pm, Youth Ranks: 4th & 3rd Kyu Seminar @ 4:15pm

Thursday, 13 — Adult Beginner Weapons Seminar (8th Kyu – 5th Kyu) @ 5:30pm

Friday, 14 — Adult Black Belt Seminar @ 6:30pm

Saturday, 15 — Women’s Class @ Noon

Wednesday, 19 — Test Prep. Day

Monday, 24 — Test Prep. Day

Tuesday, 25 — Testing and Demo Day: Youth Class @ 4pm, Adult Class @ 5:30pm

Our Container is Here and It’s Level!

That’s right the storage container arrived yesterday.  Today Mark, Steve (mostly Mark and Steve), and I leveled it out. Steve brought a railroad jack (for lifting trains) that made the job way easier than it would have been. A mere 3 hours of work and it’s done.

Thank you so much, gentlemen!

Pictures and explanation to follow.

Kayla Feder Sensei Seminar

Kayla Feder SenseiPlease join us for Kayla Feder Sensei’s first visit to Aikido’Ka. Feder Sensei is a terrific instructor and aikidoist. She is, simply, one of the most fun people to train with anywhere, anytime. Enjoy!

Kayla Sensei began her Aikido training in 1973 when she was 9-years-old. She has trained continuously for 43 years. When she was 16, Sensei traveled to Iwama, Japan, to study with Morihiro Saito Shihan, 9th dan. In subsequent trips to Japan, Kayla Sensei trained with a number of other Shihan who trained under the founder.

Kayla Sensei has also trained with and been strongly influenced by Doran Shihan, Nadeau Shihan, Saotome Shihan, and Ikeda Shihan. She received the rank of 6th dan in 2004.

Kayla Sensei has taught seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Israel. In addition to her Aikido accomplishments, she received a Masters degree in Holistic Health Education from JFK University in 1998.

Kayla Sensei’s teaching style supports the individual growth of each student.  Her training and teaching are warm and welcoming.

You will immensely enjoy training with Kayla Feder Sensei.

For more information about the seminar and to register, click here.

Molly, Jeramy, and Test Prep Class

Molly and Jeramy Hale

Molly and Jeramy Hale

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 30, Molly and Jeramy Hale will be attending their very first class since moving up here! Yea!

Please attend and give Molly and Jeramy a big welcome.

Saturday morning classes are test preparation time. You work on what you need to and have a great time doing it.

Class is from 10:30 am – noon.

See you on the mat.