How to Exercise: The Ultimate Workout

Lose Weight and Gain Strength Easily and Quickly

Sensei, Gabriel and a Friend Doing Kettlebell Swings

You want to get in shape, lose weight, be flexible, strong, have endurance and be youthful. You want all of these things quickly. You don’t want to spend all day working out. And you sure don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy equipment.

The first thing I want you to know about our strength and conditioning workout philosophy: No pain and no fear. That’s right. No pain, no gain is wrong, wrong, wrong. That approach scares people from getting and staying healthy and it gets people hurt.

Here’s the second thing I want you to know about our strength and conditioning workout philosophy: Have fun!

A lot of our exercises use kettlebells. For good reason: You will burn calories exercising with kettlebells than any other way. No exercise will help you burn fat faster. We also use a lot of body weight exercises, using no equipment at all.

Here’s some of the benefits of using our strength and conditioning system:

•    Become strong – even gain extreme strength.
•    Build terrific endurance for every athletic endeavor and your normal activities.
•    Lose weight faster than any other type of exercise.
•    Gain better posture and alignment for better health.
•    Gain healthy flexibility.

Gabriel Lifting Kettlebells

Gabriel doing a military press with a 35-lb kettlebell

•    Outrageously efficient – You’ll get twice the workout (probably more) in half the time you expect.
•    Train your entire body, so you simultaneously build cardio, strength, balance, stability, power and endurance.
•    Build bone density. Weight bearing exercises are great for building strong, dense bones. The ballistic nature of kettlebell exercise and our body weight exercises means you build bone density much more quickly than with other exercise.
•    Get better at all physical activities. Our approach doesn’t work just isolated muscles. Our strength and conditioning exercises are functional and work your entire body with every exercise. With each repetition, you get better at everything.
•    Build bullet-proof joints, increasing the strength of your joints and connective tissues.
•    Protect yourself from injuries. Safely train your body to get good at the type of movement that tends to get people hurt.
•    Simple and FUN!

The class is taught by Eric Kenyon, SFG FMS.

Eric Kenyon RKC

Eric Kenyon, RKC, Aikido’Ka our resident strength and conditioning expert

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