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Is this how you see your family?

  • You’re happy and want to be even happier
  • You want more healthy, educational, fun things to do
  • You want to reward your children for excelling at school
  • You want to help build a peaceful community
  • You want to add the fun of martial arts and self-defense training

Or maybe this is your family:

  • Your kids' grades aren’t what they could be
  • Your kids are having discipline problems at home and at school
  • You’re no longer as close to your children as before
  • You want to get off the couch, turn off the video games and get in shape
  • You want to be confident and be leaders of your community
  • You want to be safe and able to defend yourselves and, specifically, your kids able to handle bullies

Maybe your family isn’t the issue.

  • You want to be more successful in your relationships
  • You feel stuck and want a change of pace
  • You feel stressed and must learn to relax
  • You want to handle conflict without fighting
  • You want to meet people and make friends

Respect improves everything.

Be part of a whole community – children, teens, parents, grandparents, single adults – training together to improve their lives.

The first lesson at Aikido’Ka is respect – self-respect, respect for family, respect for teachers, respect for everyone.

Respect improves everything.

The community is very warm and welcoming and feels like family to me.

- Mary Celine Brigham

Aikido is the martial art of peace. As an Aikido'Ka student, you learn to resolve all disputes (physical or emotional) without becoming an attacker yourself. You move with an attack, blending your motions with the attacker.

Your blending movements take the energy of the attack from the attacker, taking the fight out of the fighter. In this way, you work to inflict no harm. And your martial art is very effective: You can use Aikido to gently control an attacker through to devastatingly powerful responses.

I really love aikido probably because of the most important reason -- which is that it helps me in my daily life . . .

It's so fun doing aikido.

- Joe Simms

Our training is cooperative, and we're a cohesive community. At Aikido'Ka, we're all in this together.

Please imagine the following:

You’re a martial artist at Aikido’Ka. You don’t fight. You blend with conflict. In your training, you’re disciplined and train seriously. You also laugh and have fun. You’re physically fit. While self-defense and physical fitness are important to you, your greater purpose is developing the wisdom and energy to positively benefit society. You view conflict not really as a contest with others, but as an opportunity to improve yourself and overcome your true enemies – those within you.

The benefits of training at Aikido’Ka are for everyone – all ages.

What is it that brings me here? I think the community more than anything . . . having people I know and think of as family . . . .

The fact that this is real-live Jedi training I think is another reason I'm coming, because to me there's nothing closer in life -- that I'm aware of -- that's the real deal.

- Ian Isbell

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Here's a story from a male student:

"Aikido saved my life. Like most people, I have never been extremely aware of what is going on around me. Fortunately for me, two skills we train at Aikido'Ka are awareness and shortening our reaction times. No more than 3 months after I started training, I was driving on Highway 20. I was in the fast lane passing a car traveling much more slowly than me. As I passed the car, the driver suddenly veered into my lane! I had no warning at all that this was going to happen. The thing is that I noticed her start to move right away. And I was able to maneuver to avoid her and the oncoming cars. I couldn't believe that I noticed and responded to her so quickly. No way could I have done that before training at Aikido'Ka. There would have been a horrible mutli-car accident. And, by the way, I also lost about 30 pounds in that same 3 months of training!"

And from the Executive Director of the Food Bank after we did an emergency Food Drive on one day in Nevada City:

"The Food Bank of Nevada County is so appreciative of the can drive you held on our behalf. Did you know we received almost $2,500 in cash and over 1,600 pounds of non-perishable food donations thanks to your efforts? This was a big boost to us in a time when we were in dire distress.

Not only is your organization training peaceful warriors, but you are also contributing in immeasurable ways to the betterment of our community. Your gift helps us help the hungry, most of whom are working poor, unable to exist on minimum wage jobs.

It is with heartfelt thanks that we let you know how much your kindness resonates not only with us, but with the less fortunate as well.

We are blessed to live in a community where people such as you exist."

Training at Aikido'Ka is special because the teachers are genuinely wonderful to work with.

This is a very safe space for women. I see women train here all the time. They come more and more because it's safe and because they can do something that they feel like protects them more.

It is so fun!

- Katie McCammon

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