Eric Kenyon RKC

Eric Kenyon, RKC FMS, Aikido’Ka resident kettlebell expert holding a 70-pound and 62-pound kettlebell

Eric Kenyon SFG, RKC, FMS

Strong First Girya (SFG) certified instructor (Girya is the Russian word for kettlebell).

Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certified instructor.

Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) movement screening and restoration certified.

Eric Kenyon has been training athletes and non-athletes, in the San Francisco Bay area, Gold Country and beyond since 1999. He draws on a lifetime of competing in a variety of sports from youth to college level, a very active stretch in the US Army, and full time study & practice of Soviet sports science since 2002.

Eric’s style of instruction is very different from mainstream fitness training. Eric focuses on adept, natural movement, rather than working muscles or body parts in isolation. This makes for extremely well balanced and resilient athletes.

These days Eric’s students range from retired seniors improving their golf game to US Navy SEALs. These local professionals also depend on Eric for top level conditioning: Wild land & structural firefighters, Nevada County Sheriffs, professional aerialists, dancers & acrobats, and serious martial artists.

Here’s a very small sampling of Eric’s training with top-level strength and conditioning experts:

•    Many core strength & flexibility workshops with RKC founder Pavel Tsatsouline
•    Assisted Pavel Tsatsouline in training U.S. Marines and Navy SEALs
•    Assisted in training new RKC instructors
•    RKC level II prep course with Master RKC Mark Reifkind
•    Twice attended RKC level II advanced kettlebell training
•    Regular, comprehensive strength and conditioning training with Senior RKC Mark Toomey
•    Attended cutting edge Easy Strength Seminar in Reno with Pavel Tsatsouline and Master RKC Dan John.

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