Frank Bloksberg Sensei, Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Frank Bloksberg Sensei

Frank Bloksberg Sensei began training in Aikido in Southern California in the early 1970s. After training for a few years, Frank Sensei left active training and went on to become a professional musician and then lawyer.

Frank Sensei went back to active training when his young son, Alex, came home from school and explained that a nice teacher there was offering Aikido lessons. When Alex began training, Frank Sensei joined in By the way, that nice teacher is Asia Currie.

Frank Sensei actively trains with his teacher, Michael Friedl Sensei (Aikido of Ashland, Oregon) and, when possible, Frank Doran Shihan (Aikido West in Redwood City). Up until opening Aikido’Ka, Frank Sensei was a member of Mountain Wind Aikido in Nevada City, California and a student of Jan Kirkpatrick Sensei. Here is a sampling of other teachers Frank Sensei has trained with and who have significantly influenced his training and teaching: Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan (Boulder Aikikai), Cyndy Hayashi Sensei (Aikido West), Julio Toribio Sensei (Monterey Budokan), Danielle Smith Sensei (Aikido of Monterey), Tom Gambell Sensei (East Bay Aikido), Craig Fife Sensei (Aikido Northwest) and Chuck Hauk Sensei (Aikido of Eugene).

Frank Sensei’s teaching is influenced by his study of the bio-mechanical aspects of Aikido. When performed properly, Aikido looks and feels like magic. But, magic has nothing to do with it. Rather, Aikido techniques are ingenious applications of the laws of physics. Frank Sensei emphasizes martially effective Aikido.

The study and practice of Aikido principles help Frank Sensei in all aspects of his life. As a litigation attorney, Frank Sensei deals with people who are under tremendous stress. These people are often looking for some kind of fight. Likewise, some attorneys approach practicing law as if it were a type of war. Aikido principles and training help Frank Sensei work to unravel disputes and make resolving them much easier.

In his law practice, Frank Sensei represents only people and small companies. While Frank Sensei has experience representing large corporations, he has not done so in years. While large corporations have their pick of excellent lawyers, the average person can have a very difficult time hiring a first-rate lawyer. Frank Sensei provides that representation.

Throughout his practice, Frank Sensei emphasizes the wisdom of resolving cases short of trial. He works to get almost every case into mediation. Virtually every case he mediates settles at the mediation or soon thereafter. Frank Sensei’s commitment to and success in mediation have convinced him to devote significant time to building a practice as a mediator. To do so, he intends to soon limit the number of new litigation matters he accepts. In that way, he will focus on helping people resolve their disputes in a highly efficient, cost-effective and respectful manner through mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

To contact Frank Sensei about legal or dispute resolution issues, please call him at his office at (530) 478-0170.

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