Aiki Summer Retreat 2015 Featured Instructor Danielle Smith Sensei

Danielle Smith Sensei 2015 Register NowDon’t miss Aiki Summer Retreat, June 21 – 27 featuring Senseis Michael Friedl, Danielle Smith, Kimberly Richardson, Craig Fife with Special Guest Robert Nadeau Shihan.

Here’s some information about featured instructor Danielle Smith Sensei:

Smith Sensei is chief instructor of Aikido of Monterey, where she is dedicated to continuing to build a dojo community that is committed to and inspired by studying the “Art of Peace.”

Danielle Sensei began her training in 1973, when the Aikido of Monterey dojo was first established. She has trained in the United States and Japan.

Danielle Sensei’s teacher is Frank Doran Shihan. Since 1983, she has been a full-time Aikido instructor and Chief Instructor of the adult and youth programs at Aikido of Monterey. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and brings the “power of alignment” to her teaching of Aikido. Smith Sensei has also studied Tai Chi Chuan, is a Sandan (3rd dan) in Hakko Ryu Jujutsu, a Yondan (4th dan) in Seibukan Jujutsu and a Shodan (1st dan) in Iaido. She is one of five martial artists who developed the widely acclaimed and internationally taught women’s self-defense system known as “Model Mugging.” She has taught Aikido and self-defense nationally and internationally.

Danielle Smith Sensei served as president of the California Aikido Association from 2002 through 2010. She continues as a member of the Examination Committee of the California Aikido Association.

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