Aiki Summer Retreat Featured Instructor Michael Friedl Sensei

michael 9Don’t miss Aiki Summer Retreat, June 21 – 27: Senseis Michael Friedl, Danielle Smith, Kimberly Richardson, Craig Fife with Special Guest Robert Nadeau Shihan.

About Aiki Summer Retreat Co-Host Michael Friedl Sensei:

Michael Friedl Sensei is founder and chief instructor of Aikido of Ashland. He just completed a 4-year tenure as President of the California Aikido Association.

Friedl Sensei began his Aikido training in 1972 under Clyde Takeguchi Shihan in Madison, Wisconsin. Friedl Sensei became a live-in student (also known as a uchi deshi) for Takeguchi Sensei from 1975-1977 in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1978 Friedl Sensei established a dojo in Burlington, Vermont. He moved to Ashland, Oregon in 1979 and started a small aikido club.

Friedl Sensei affiliated with Frank Doran Shihan in 1979 and has been a student of his since that time. Friedl Sensei was uchi deshi for Saito Shihan in Iwama, Japan from 1981-1983. There he studied weapons intensely and the Iwama style of weapons remains a strong influence in his weapons style to this day.

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