Aikido’Ka Young Children’s Class is Going Strong — Video

We call our class for young children — ages 3 to 5 years old — AikiTots. The class is Thursdays from 3:45 – 4:15 pm.

AikiTots is a movement class to help young children become more coordinated and aware of how their bodies work. Children gain a beginning understanding of respect and how to cooperate with others. Children this age are developing very quickly, but are still very young. The class is very vigorous and fast-paced.

AikiTots is not an aikido or other type of martial arts class. We will not be teaching very young children to defend themselves through martial arts or how to hurt people. Children this age already know how to hit and kick. I really don’t see any value in teaching a 4-year-old how to hit or kick someone effectively.

Rather the class will feel like a very fun and structured play date in which your child will happily follow directions, learn new things and have a great time — not to mention get a workout.

Another fun thing — you and older siblings may participate in the class. Having family involved just makes aikido class that much more fun!

Please check out this quick video from a recent and typically high-energy, fun AikiTots class:


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