Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba at Today’s All-Japan Aikido Demonstration

Here’s video taken today of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba at the All Japan Aikido Demonstration. Doshu is O’Sensei Moriteru Ueshiba’s grandson and is the worldwide head of aikido.

This is a beautiful demonstration  — flowing, graceful and powerful. It’s also a classic demonstration, in that Doshu shows variations on basic techniques. He shows the oldies, but goodies. Just beautiful.

A favorite part for me is when Doshu shows a technique open hand and with a jo. He does this while holding the jo in one hand.

This video is a must watch for all aikido students.

In case you don’t already know this, Doshu is the head of the Aikikai Foundation, aikido world headquarters. The Foundation is the organization which continues the founder’s martial art. The founder, of course, was Morihei Ueshiba. When he died in 1969, his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba took over. When he died in 1999, O’Sensei’s grandson took over.

This an annual event for the Foundation. 2012 is the 50th time the event was held. People travel from around the world to attend.

I’d love to see your comments on the video.


  1. Taylor George says:

    So graceful and effortless! It is a beautiful skill to watch by someone so accomplished. The ease and fluidity in which he moves is outstanding. Love the two person attacks!

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