Fundraising Success!

Fundraising SuccessThanks to our amazing community. We met our fundraising goals!

I set our original goal at $5,000, knowing that that amount would really help with paying for our new mats, floating floor and storage container. But I had forgotten that we only get 92% of the amount donated.

So, I let everyone know that for us to actually get $5,000, we had to raise $5,435. And we did it! We raised exactly $5,435. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

We’ve successfully completed the fundraiser. While the fundraising page still exists, I have turned off the donations.

I will keep you posted about how the installation goes, with pictures and everything. 🙂

It’s our goal to have everything completed for Chuck Hauk and Daryl Berlie Senseis seminar December 9 – 11. Gabriel Cuppet will be doing his shodan test Saturday morning (December 10). Please join us and enjoy the new mat and floating floor.

Click here to register, or get more information about the seminar.

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