Hero’s Journey — Carol Grizzell

As you may know, we’re starting a new program at the dojo that I’m calling Hero’s Journey. Hero’s Journey is an intensive 1-year long program to change your life for the better. We all know that we have the potential to live a heroic life and do amazing things. It’s time to start!

For those of us who have to decided to actually pursue our heroic dreams, organize and dedicate ourselves to living a heroic life, Hero’s Journey is for you. Goal setting, organizing, doing. And lots of accountability, aikido training, fitness and community service.

One of our Heroes is Carol Grizzell.  Here’s Carol’s first report:

Aikido – Harmonious Spirit – Peaceful Defender

What a wonderful concept — to have and use in today’s world. To be able to turn aggression into movement that allows it to bypass.

Aikido  has been a part of my life for the last two months. I feel more centered and confident. I am standing taller, shoulders are back and my head is up. This is what is known as shesei (pronounced, “She-say”). Shesei is an important principle of aikido.

Joining the dojo, I just wanted to have fun, do something new and get fit.  I never expected it would have such a wonderful effect, in so many area of my life. I can not wait to get to the Dojo – see you there.

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