Hero’s Journey – One Year to a Heroic Life

Dr. Gideon Haimovitz at We Can Drive Through 2012

We’re starting a new program at the dojo that I’m calling Hero’s Journey. Since Hero’s Journey is at its beginning stages, it’s not fully put together.

But here’s basically what it is: Heroe’s Journey is an intensive 1-year long program to change your life for the better. We all know that we have the potential to live a heroic life and do amazing things. It’s time to start!

We have to decide to actually pursue our heroic dreams, organize and dedicate ourselves to living a heroic life. That’s what Hero’s Journey is. Goal setting, organizing, doing. And lots of accountability, aikido training, fitness and community service.

You’ll be seeing in our blog members of Hero’s Journey telling about their experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

Dr. Gideon Haimovitz is one of the first members of Hero’s Journey. He runs Grass Valley Chiropractic. Gideon’s very serious: He’s training in almost all of our classes, both aikido and kettlebells, and he’s helping with many of the youth classes. He’s also traveling to seminars to improve his aikido.

Gideon will be commenting to this post about some of his experiences so far and what he’s working to accomplish.

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