Podcast Episodes So Far

I’ve heardAikido-Stories-Podcast-Art from a lot of people that they’re really enjoying the podcast. But when I ask them if they’ve heard all of them, they tell me they didn’t know about one or two. So, here are the links to all of the podcasts. Right now, I have enough cool stories for several more podcasts. We’re just getting started!

Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 6 – Kimberly Richardson Sensei tells us 3 stories: about her early training with Mary Heiny Sensei, one of her first experiences as a chief instructor, and the highlight of our episode, about trying to catch a flight home a few days after 9/11.

Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 5 – Craig Fife Sensei tells of an incredible training experience he had with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei at Aiki Summer Retreat.

Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 4 – Craig Fife Sensei tells of how he began his transition from outlaw biker to the great teacher we know today.
Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 3 – Michael Friedl Sensei tells of how he almost quit aikido and how his teacher, Clyde Takeguchi Sensei, lured him back in. It’s a great story.
Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 2 – Michael Friedl Sensei tells of his first experience with aikido. At the time, in 1972, Michael Sensei was a 2nd degree black belt in karate and had his own dojo. One of his students was also taking aikido and invited Friedl Sensei to check it out. Friedl sensei was very skeptical of what he saw. Then he experienced aikido in action.
Aikido Stories Podcast Episode 1 – In the first episode, I share with you an incident that happened in the 1970s when I was a trumpet player in the college marching band. Some guy, flanked by his friends, thought it would be a good idea to pick on me. Aikido excitement ensues. Don’t worry, no bullies were harmed in the creation of this story.

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