Russian Flexibility Workshops!

Russian Flexibility Workshop at Aikido’Ka, presented by our Russian Kettlebell expert Eric Kenyon.

Friday, Sep. 14 5:00 to 7:00 pm. and
Friday, Sep. 21 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Reclaim the buoyant flexibility of your youth. If you are still very young and very flexible, learn how to protect your back, joints and stability with superior stretching techniques.

Athletes, coaches and therapists in the former Soviet Union have a neurological approach to mobility and flexibility, as opposed to the structural approach we see in the West. This holistic system is safer, gets faster results, and the techniques are easy to learn and use. Learn inner focus and breathing techniques that relax and open stiff muscles and stuck joints. All this is accomplished with no pain and no fear.

•    Gain 4 to 12 inches of depth on your toe touch in a few minutes.
•    Do rock bottom squats with no pain.
•    Learn how to protect your shoulders and lower back by mobilizing your upper spine.
•    Learn how to protect your knees by improving your hip mobility.
•    Learn how to build a functional, stable and confident flexibility you can use in the real world.

If you have been close to full splits for years, we will get you all the way down!

Sign up for classes at Aikido’Ka or Form is Function right after the workshop and subtract your workshop cost from your membership fees!

Cost: $40.00

Free to Aikido’Ka members and Form is Function students!

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