Acts of Kindness

Youth Aikido’Ka member Matiya has performed 50 acts of kindness as community service in preparation for earning his yellow belt with white stripe.  Here’s his acts of kindness:

  1. Helped someone with math.
  2. Made without being asked.
  3. Opened a door for someone.
  4. Cleaned the bathroom.
  5. Mowed my neighbor’s lawn.
  6. Cleaned the kitchen without being asked.
  7. Helped my sister when she was sick.
  8. I was nice to my sister.
  9. Picked up a piece of trash.
  10. Reminded my mom about the dentist.
  11. Helped someone at the store.
  12. Read my sister a story.
  13. I said, “good job” to someone I did not know.
  14. Taught someone how to skateboard.
  15. Made my sister’s bed.
  16. Said thank you to my teacher.
  17. Used my manners at my friend’s house.
  18. Stood up for my friend when there were bullies.
  19. Said Yes sir to my teacher.
  20. Told my mom a joke that made her day.
  21. Helped my dad make dinner.
  22. Made my mom and dad’s bed.
  23. Cleaned my room.
  24. Made dinner for my family.
  25. Baby sat for my sister for free.
  26. Got my mom a glass of water.
  27. Helped my dad load the seat in the van.
  28. Respected my parents.
  29. Listened to my teacher very well.
  30. Included someone in a game of football.
  31. Helped my friend clean his room.
  32. Took out the garbage.
  33. Lent my friend some money.
  34. Gave my grandma a photo.
  35. Went to be when my mom told me to.
  36. Feed the cat and dog.
  37. Made my sister a get-well card.
  38. Turned of my mom’s light.
  39. Movedmy sister’s scooter out of the way.
  40. Helped my mom move the coach.
  41. Loaded the dishwasher.
  42. Cleaned out my closet.
  43. Washed my dog so my mom could rest.
  44. Gave my friend a poster that he liked.
  45. Cleaned up the yard.
  46. Watered the plants for my mom.
  47. Stopped an argument.
  48. Did my own laundry.
  49. Got my sister candy.
  50. Made breakfast for my family.

Matiya explained that he learned from this process that it really helped him look at his actions.

Well done, Matiya!

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