Dr. Gideon’s Community Service

Everybdy at Aikido’Ka performs community service as part of their training and rank promotion. For his yellow belt promotion, chiropractor Gideon Haimovitz Jostrand needed to do a simple project benefitting our air.

Here’s Dr. Gideon’s report about his project:

“For my air community service project, I want to start a project that will help affect Nevada County’s air quality in a positive way. I thought that this project will start with one day of riding my bike to work back and forth. I feel that this small gesture will have a large impact in our community. I will post a notice in the office for all patients to see that day explaining what I am doing and why. I will talk about the benefits of alternative transportation with every patient that day and have discussions with them about how we can make a difference.”

‘If everyone who lives within 5 miles of their workplace left their car at home just one day a week and cycled to work, nearly 5 million tons of global warming pollution would be saved every year — like taking about a million cars off the road’ — from the Environmental Defense Fund website.'”

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