Welcome to the Aikido’Ka Journal

Hello Everyone,

I’m Frank Bloksberg, Chief Instructor at Aikido’Ka.  We are an aikido dojo in Grass Valley, California. We are a family martial arts school — meaning that we emphasize having families train together.

A big focus at Aikido’Ka is community service.  I my view, martial arts training should create a strong ethic of service– service to one’s own enlightened best interests, family and larger community.

Everyone at Aikido’Ka performs community service.  You will be able to find reports on our community service efforts on this Journal.  In the 2 years+ that our dojo has been open, we have performed quite a number of community projects — food drives, cleanups, free self-defense classes (to name a very few).

Our most well-known — and, by far, time-consuming — community service is the New Family Post.

Aikido’Ka is not only about community service.  We love training in aikido.  In fact, one of our members, Jane Price-Hill, just received her 3rd degree black belt from Frank Doran Shihan.  Jane’s test was wonderful.  She truly deserves her promotion.  Members of our dojo will be able to view Jane’s entire test at our private student website.  Jane teaches at the dojo Thursday evenings and will probably be beginning morning classes soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

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